Migrate code 10x faster

GoatSwitch is a tool to help you migrate your techstack, allowing you to switch version, framework and even programming language.

Our tool automatically migrates parts of your code while preserving functionality – this enables developers to finish migration tasks 10 times faster.

Reach out if you want to modernize your techstack!

Now available:

  • Save hundreds of hours on
    .Net Framework to .Net migration
  • Get started in no time with our
    Visual Studio Code Extension
  • Enable your Devteam with modern
    .Net features

GoatSwitch enables developers

Developers spend 30% of their time on technical debt. Large parts of this is modernising and migrating code. Not only is it hard to migrate code somebody else wrote, it’s also error prone.
But it does not have to be this way – enable your developers to get actual work done with GoatSwitch.

  • 10x faster migration
  • Develop features instead of maintaining legacy code
  • Keep your codebase up-to-date without tedious maintenance work
  • Always use the right tool for the job

Why modernize?


Additional features accelerate/enable developers


Faster code can result in a reduction of compute cost


Old software may have security vulnerabilities with no patches to fix them

Developer availability

Developer availability is highly dependent on the language requirements

“The best thing since Visual Studio.”

Günther Oat